Asema Trade Centre

(Manpower Testing & Skill Evaluators in New Delhi, India)

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Testing and skill evaluation of manpower

We are an established and one of the leading groups involved in skill evaluation and testing of manpower for the recruitment and placement of highly skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower from India for, overseas companies and projects.

The ability to identify skills and verify knowledge sets Manpower apart from our competition. Our innovative assessments are designed to address the common challenges at the workplace.

Our tests help us send you motivated people with the skills, commitment and aptitude to work in your specific environment. 

A Manpower Staffing Specialist will work with you to determine which of our tests will help us fill those needs accurately.

Assessments for Better Hiring Decisions 
All of our proven tests are available to evaluate your own candidates. We offer these tests and our assessment services to aid you in making the most effective hiring decisions:

Behavioral Style Questionnaires help us uncover the qualities and individual traits that distinguish exceptional employees. Questionnaires are designed for specific skill areas; industrial and skilled trades 
Industrial Skilled Trades Assessments enable us to determine if applicants have the required numerical, visual estimation, mechanical, spatial and thinking skills.

Specialized Tests for all trades and industry

Asema Trade Centre is committed to help manpower consultants supply specialized manpower and in numbers and volumes that would confound an average manpower consultant. 

Testing for skilled, semiskilled & unskilled workforces from India to different industries for their projects in the Middle East, Far East, European and American Continents.

Helping international consultants and engineers, overseas manpower placement consultants


Manpower Testing and skill evaluation 

(Human resource testing, certification, consultant)


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Proprietor: Khan M.A.U. (N.D. ARCH, F.I.I., M.C.A), Khan Mohammad Ahmad Ullah

Asema Trade Centre
Address: "Khayaban", 300-B, Next to MCD Primary School, 
Jamia Nagar, 
Okhla Main Road, 
New Delhi - 110025 
Tel. ++91-11-26924786
Calling from India but outside Delhi - 011-26924786
Calling from Mumbai using MTNL phone 95-11-26924786










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